Why fireworks and brands don’t go together

So now the 4th of July celebrations are over. The bar-b-que’s are done. Our get-togethers have ended. The 233rd birthday bash is done. The booms, baps, pows, sparks, screeches, pops and bams have ceased and are now done.

See you next year. Same time, same place.

On so many occasions today’s brands are just like 4th of July fireworks – exciting, engaging and grabbing people’s attention for a brief moment. . . then fizzling out. Now before all the hoopla dies down this is a pretty good deal because everyone pays attention to fireworks.  People make big plans, invite all their family and friends to come out, then along with hundreds or even thousands of others, gather, look and admire the spectacle taking place in the night sky. Now the problem is that all this buzz and commotion is brief. Extremely brief.

Folks, keep your brands away from fireworks.

What you want is a business providing value, that’s quietly growing, and initially attracting an audience, customers and/or fans who love what you are doing (not the party people for the one night party-fest). These folks aren’t there just for the one night soiree, they are there for the long haul, the duration. They value what you are bringing into the world and want what you are creating.

The objective ladies and gents is sustainability.  Here today. Not gone tomorrow.

You don’t want your business idea to take off like a bottle rocket, shoot up into the air, light up the world then turn into smoke and disappear in the course of 45 seconds.  That would be a travesty.

Always remember: your brand should be a daily ritual for people. Giving then regularly what they need, want or desire. Not an annual, one night, 4th of July celebration.

Author: thradmin

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